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If it is my use of color that excites you or the energy in thick brush strokes that you can derive enjoyment from, then I am thankful for that. It is my energy, inspiration and aspiration you will find in everything I do. It is my belief that by exhibiting this transfer of energy from myself, to my canvases and within my canvases that you too can take a piece of that and utilize it for yourself.





Update 12-19-15: The past few years have seen me build a "pillow company". I teamed up with a Bucks County artist - Eric Fausnacht - back in 2012. He hired me to screen print "pillows". Fast forward to 2015 - we have a great team of about 9 people that we now employ to help us manufacture. We currently sell wholesale to about 800 retailers throughout the United States. The growth of the startup company has been explosive to say the least. I now feel we are on our feet and it's time to see some new oil paintings and hopefully screen prints as well. To learn or see more of our business please visit www.ericandchristopher.com


I'm currently working on 6 new paintings that will be done by or in April. The subjects are a bison, an octopus, a sea horse, a sea turtle, a giraffe and an elephant. Stay tuned for show updates and follow me on facebook to see the progression of these new exciting paintings!